Everyone wants to improve their skin condition while bought retinol products. But usually, people will have kinds of worries about the product they bought. For example, they will concern whether retinol can reduce fine lines and wrinkles, or can a twenty-three years old use retinol on her face to reduce acne scars and spots? Why is retinol good for the skin? etc. To answer these questions, we should recognize retinol first!


What are retinol and retinoids?

The benefits of vitamin A alcohol, also known as retinol, mainly is anti-aging, this guy is actually a versatile actor. Vitamin A plays the role of cell communication factors, that is to say, they can instruct skin cells to work properly and even make skin cells more vigorous (general they are equivalent to "messengers" to direct skin cells to do some actions - skin cells have some locks that specifically accept the key [retinoic acid], once When A acid came, it started a series of actions at once. If the skin is damaged by sunlight, the role of cytokines is enormous, because skin photoaging can produce rigid, unhealthy and abnormal cells. Prescription vitamin A is effective. Retinol in cosmetics is slow, but in the long term, the function is the same.

A new 2% Retinoid (vitamin A derivative) can be directly utilized without converting it into tretinoin in the skin. Retinoic acid is the closest ingredient to A acid. It has the same anti-acne and anti-aging effect as retinol, and has mild irritation. It has been shown to be more effective against aging than retinol, retinol palmitate and almost all other retinoic acid over-the-counter varieties. At the same time, the protective capsule packaging protects the activity and stability of vitamin A, making it seemingly absorb directly by express train, delivering fresh ingredients directly to the inner layer of skin, and reducing the irritation of vitamin A to the epidermis.

Retinol, a derivative of vitamin A.After rubbing A-alcohol on the skin, it can be converted into A-aldehyde first and then into A-acid. This conversion efficiency is related to personal factors. In the ideal state, the skin conversion rate is 6:1. A alcohol causes dry skin. To add moisturizing, like shelled eggs, but it is more meticulous than before, and not so dark, it looks naturally permeable. The reason why A alcohol can restore wrinkles, make skin tight and elevate its outline is that retinol can effectively renew keratin, stimulate collagen production in the dermis and "fill up" the lines and depressions of the skin. The most intuitive visual expression is that the skin looks fuller and smoother, and the skin complexion is bright. The principle of acne muscle is similar. It also accelerates the renewal of cuticle, exfoliates old and waste cuticle, and cleans pore blocked by malignant fatty acids.

 different between retinol and retinoids


Why should we use retinol?

Retinol is a superhero in skin care, it can cure many skin problems. Prescription vitamin A causes greater skin irritation. For some users, the skin is intolerable, and they cannot use vitamin A acid. Retinol in cosmetics is much less likely to cause irritation. So we usually choose to use retinol products.

Firstly, retinol for acne and aging. The earlier the skin is treated with A-acid, the better the effect is. There is no aging phenomenon. A-acid components can also be taken into account. Of course, the selection of A-acid derivatives is more suitable for long-term mild maintenance.

Secondly, retinol for improving photoaging. For very tiny wrinkles, it can be seen the effect between one or two weeks. A little deeper (involving the dermis) wrinkles can take months to 1 year. For deep wrinkles, skin care products are virtually impossible to remove.

Thirdly, retinol for thickening Epidermis. Increasing the moisture retention capacity of the epidermis can reduce the fine lines caused by natural aging. This advantage is, of course, even more youthful.

Fourthly, retinol for promoting collagen production. Accelerating metabolism reduces the production of an enzyme that consumes collagen, allowing keratinocytes in the epidermis to be produced and battled more quickly (and then consumed... To reduce wrinkles caused by photoaging, so that the skin is more delicate and smooth. This means that after using these products, the consumption of collagen has slowed down - not against the age, nor can we freeze the age, it is to delay the aging bar.

Finally, retinol for whitening and fleck. Inhibiting melanin production - by reducing the production of tyrosinase, or melanin in the skin.

 Why should we use retinol?


How to use retinol serum correctly?

Retinol serum is easy to decompose and oxidize easily. and it will peel off keratin and more vulnerable to UV damage.correctly?

Here are the steps to use retinol cream at night:

1, clean face, make-up water, and then use common acid or salicylic acid to exfoliate.

2, coated with retinol products.

3, if you are using whitening products, use it after retinol.

4, Finally, apply moisturizing and/or other essences, which can be applied to the eyes.

More tips:

1, To make the skin better adapted to retinol, you can use it every other night (do not use it during the day, sunlight will invalidate the active ingredients).

2, Wait for your skin to be tolerated, you can gradually increase to once a day, but only at night.

3, Remember that not the more you use, the better effect you have. Just the pea size will be applied to the whole face.

4, Vitamin A acid should not be used at the same time as benzoyl peroxide. Vitamin A acid will lose its efficacy. Benzoyl peroxide can be used during the day.

5, retinol can be used at the moment, but not under the eyebrows and upper eyelids.

6, retinol can be used together with prescription vitamin A, whichever is the first to use.

7, If there are signs of irritation (peeling, redness, skin sensitization), you need to reduce the frequency of use or do not use retinol products.

Any form of vitamin A retinol is best used in conjunction with other anti-aging products rich in antioxidants, skin repair ingredients, nicotinamide,and other cellular communication factors. Although retinol is an anti-aging star ingredient, the mechanism of skin aging is complex and can not be solved by a single ingredient.

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